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Solidarity support challenge day 14

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We enter day 14 of our challenge on a new plane as it has been approved and listed by WordPress. Immense thanks to all of you pioneers who made this giant step happen.

We are on our way to realizing our dream for this challenge. Let us spread the word; that others may join us and enjoy what we are enjoying.

Meanwhile, we continue to welcome the new participants who are joining us. May their stay with us bring them joy! May they find a sweet home here!


1. meloheart
3. vidishakaushik
4.Myan Tres
5. Kah Choon

If you are new here and wish to enroll or know more, find us at Solidarity Support Challenge.

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‘Give me the f—ing money’: 8 year old boy attempts armed robbery with gun stolen from mother

On Wednesday, an 8-year-old Florida boy surprised staff at the King Foods and Meat Bazaar in Florida when he entered the store with a gun and tried to rob the place.

Source: ‘Give me the f—ing money’: 8 year old boy attempts armed robbery with gun stolen from mother

Noblesse: Rai’s Awakening Animation

My senses are tingling. Are we to expect an anime version of Noblesse?

A marvelous creation of Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee, the Noblesse is a manhwa published by Naver Comics/Line Webtoon. As of February 2, 2016, the Noblesse manhwa has reached Chapter 391. Publication of chapters are once a week every Tuesday.

I have already made a review of Noblesse, since it’s my first manhwa. Anyway, to give a short background, manhwas are Korean comics. What I love about manhwas is that most of them are colored, that’s why reading them is more exciting.

I started reading Noblesse way back, I think, two years ago. That was when Manga Traders was still active and in operation. Then, the creators of Noblesse took a vacation due to health issues. It took them a long time before they continued the publication of Noblesse. Before they came back, the illustration were not a bit good and the story was fast paced. However, I think they had to employ another illustrator. The change was drastic, because the graphics were really amazing. However, the story is dragging. Waiting for one chapter every week makes time seem to tick slowly. And just now, I chanced upon a YouTube video published by Line Webtoon last February 4, 2016.

The video is entitled “Noblesse: Awakening animation.” On the description box, it says:

Production I.G, the legendary producers of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Psycho-Pass” are bringing you the epic LINE Webtoon series, Noblesse.

It covers the beginning of Noblesse manwha. The looks of the characters stay true to the manhwa. However, I think that M-21 looks more handsome in the animation. Haha. The video is roughly 31 minutes and worth watching. Will there be more Noblesse Animations that we should expect soon?

Weekly Blog Review Challenge

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Serious  business begins. You do not need to register to do this challenge. The rules are very simple.

After listening to advice from many people, the three activities of the Solidarity Support Challenge have been separated into three different activities or challenges. Let us start with this:

Weekly blog review Challenge.

In this activity, you are required to review a fellow blogger’s blog. You are encouraged to review one of the five blogs listed on the Solidarity Support Challenge. (This is coming ahead of the Solidarity Support Challenge so don’t wait for those names).

You can choose to review any blog that you like. It does not have to be a very long review. Do it the way you like. It could just be a few words. It could be a poem that appreciates or reviews the blog in question.

This review is published on your…

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