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Les Miserables 2013

Last January 27, I watched Les Miserables at the SM Baguio Cinema together with my high school friends. It was Krysha’s birthday and she treated us to a lunch at Don Henrico’s then to a movie at the Cinema. I heard about the Les Miserables movie from a friend, and I was shocked when she relayed to me some of the cast in the movie. Hugh Jackman was the first surprise, since I didn’t know he was good at singing. I also didn’t expect Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried to be at the same movie, though I was aware that they both sing.

From the start of the movie, I was already amazed by the animation when the prisoners were pulling a ship amidst the tide. I also admired Russel Crowe – his voice, his acting, and the way he portrayed his character on the movie. His voice was very perfect for his role, and I had shivers every time he was singing. Though I was disappointed when he took suicide. Anne Hathaway was also remarkable, as always. She did very good in the movie, though I’m not sure if being-a-mother role suited her. For me, she looks too young. But I was taken away when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream”. I later read on that she had multiple takes on that just to get the perfect emotion. For Hugh Jackman, I wasn’t very satisfied though I’m not also disappointed. His acting was normal, for me. As for Amanda Seyfried, I couldn’t give eny reaction because she didn’t do anything ‘big’ in the movie. Samantha Barks, on the other hand, was amazing. She fitted the role, and her songs were full of emotions. I liked her take on “On My Own” and “A Little Fall of Rain”. The movie is great, though I wanted more. Two hours wasn’t enough, but it was a great movie for the world to watch. Although it happened years ago, it reflects present-day situations and problems.Image