The Sound of Disney Music

Amazing Young Singers Perform Disney Medley

I never get tired of Disney, especially nowdays that they bring out new surprises in every movie. They don’t bore me, especially when I hear a very catchy song that would keep on playing on my player for a hundred times.

Recently, I have discovered videos of Disney medleys or mash-ups. I have watched mash-ups videos of Boyce Avenue and Pentatonix before, and I also could not forget to mention the Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 movie, but some of the songs they sing are not familiar to me. When you are a Disney fan, you know almost every song even if you haven’t watched the film.

Spirit Young Performers Company uploaded a video of Disney medley. I think the Spirit YPC is a voice camp or training studio, unless I’m wrong. Anyway, the kids are incredible, and I love the start of the video.

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