Because Valentine’s Day Deserves A Chance

“Valentine’s Day” by LINKIN PARK

Remember when we were younger, and during Valentine’s Day we make hearts cut from red art paper. Then we would scribble something on the heart. Messages of “I love you Mom” or “You’re my number Dad” would be written on it. We had no knowledge about love back then. Our love was our family and favorite toys.

But we grow up.

We had our first crush. The fastest runner in class. The most intelligent guy in class. The aloof guy in class. Or even a crush on our teachers. We make cut-out hearts but we never give it to them.

A few more years past and now we know how to flirt and hang-out with guys. Sooner or later, we had the taste of first kiss.

Lucky for others. Hopeless for some.

Not all can afford to be romantic. Some of us had our own share of waiting. Not all of us were able to flirt with guys. Not all of us were able to hang out with guys. No first dates. No first kiss. No first boyfriend.

All the time, just watching other girls change their boyfriends like they were clothes. All the time, just watching guys drink their heartaches away. All the time, just waiting.

Yet, hoping, that this Valentine’s day something will happen. Maybe in the coffee shop. Maybe in the book store. Maybe in the library. Or maybe in a dream.



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