Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation Review

On May 9, 2015, I went to SM City Baguio to buy some cosmetics for a special event. I was planning to buy a cake foundation from either Nichido or Kokuryo because I’ve read some reviews that those products are worth it. My budget was P180, since Nichido Beauty Cake in Classic Mint and Kokuryo Summer Cake is P100. However, I chanced upon Maybelline’s half-off on all Dream products.

My initial reaction of course was surprise with amazement because I never encountered any make-up sale ever since. Well there was one time when Maybelline lowered the price of the Hypercurl Mascara to P200. However I think that was because they were getting rid of the old packaging for a new one. Anyway, this was an opportunity for me so I went to their counter and looked for an “affordable” item.

Everybody knows that Maybelline is expensive, well that applies here in the Philippines. Unless it’s sold in the Black Market or from independent retailers purchasing abroad. So, I wasn’t suprised that despite the half-off the items were still expensive. I might have been too late or they were just hoarding the products, but among the Dream products this was the cheapest.

Presenting the Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation!
From P599, I bought it at P299. This is the 30 mL bottle in Nude Beige/Light 3.5. The product has no box, so I bought it as is with a plastic seal covering the pump.

IMG_5066 modified
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. I bought it at Php 299 only. The photo is mine.

Enough with all the introductions, now I’m going to share my experiences and thoughts with this product.

What I love:

I tested all the shades available and I was deciding whether to go with Natural or Nude Beige. However, the sales lady told me that if my skin has the tendency to be reddish, I should do with Nude Beige. I did a lot of swatching before ending up with Nude Beige. I thought that it was a shade lighter than my skin, but when I applied a single layer it matched my skin tone! Even if I don’t apply the product on my neck it isn’t obvious that I am wearing foundation.

Whether using a brush or a damp sponge, the foundation can be applied effortlessly. In my case, I don’t have cursed undereye circles or too much blemishes so this product is enough even without the use of concealer. Based on my experience, the foundation doesn’t crease/cake/flake. Well, I always use a moisturizer before applying foundation so that could be a factor.

No breakouts, yet, everytime I use this product. That is to be expected since it’s manufactured by a famous line and it’s expensive. However, I have to warn you that not all expensive products means that they’re worth it. I’m not acne-prone, so I cannot say that the product assures no breakouts for all people. Finding the right and most suitable foundation can take many tries. In my case, this is my third foundation product.

What I think should be improved:

Dream Mousse Foundation – that sounds promising, isn’t it? I’ve read other reviews saying that they were attracted to the name. Not for me because I was attracted to the price. The packaging says that the foundation has an “airbrush” finish. I have heard of airbrush makeup and I saw it in one of Shebby Liqutte’s YouTube videos but never in real life. So, I was expecting a really flawless skin after application. I wasn’t disappointed, but to tell the truth it wasn’t close to what I was expecting. Anyway, I haven’t an actual look using airbrush makeup so I don’t know what I’m saying.

I should not have expected in the first place, but the foundation is not really for prolonged use. During warm weather, the foundation would last for 2 to 3 hours. After that, it can be easily smudged and in my experience, it would run off with sweat. Even with final/loose/pressed powder, the foundation doesn’t stay that much time. One time I was wearing a round-neck white shirt and I went to school wearing the foundation on my face and neck. I was testing the product that time. By the time I got home after four hours, the foundation was all over the seam of my shirt.

In relation to the statement above, the product does not guarantee a matte finish. However, it isn’t dewy or shiny either. It’s just natural. If you want a matte finish, top it with powder. The downside is that it doesn’t control oiliness. Either you keep on retouching with pressed powder or use blotting sheets.

So, these are my evaluation of the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. These are based on my experiences and technically it doesn’t apply to all people. I like the product however I won’t buy it again in the future.

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