Makeup Haul (December)

Happy Holidays everyone!

I have not updated my blog these past months because I was so busy with academics. I even made a list of topics to write and I hope that I would be able to finish them all and post them all this year.

So I’ll start off with my makeup haul. Last December 14, I went to SM Baguio to check on the Maybelline half-off sale. Well, I think they had a sale because they are going to change the packaging or maybe do away with some items since that’s how they usually do it. Moreover, not all items were on sale, only a few that are not popular or seldom bought. The sale supposedly ended last December 15, however they are on sale again until December 31. This confirmed my hypothesis that they are clearing some makeup products for new ones.

The products on sale are not “must-haves” for me. The only product I bought was the Hypercurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara. I explored around the makeup counters and I saw that some L’oréal products were also on sale. I’m not a fan of L’oréal, but I was really intrigued by the True Match foundation. It was on sale at Php 480 only. I bought that too. And then, I also thought of buying the Nichido Final Powder, although I am not a fan of final powders. Now, let’s proceed to my review of each product.

IMG_5264 modified
The Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara. Php 150. The picture is mine.

First is the Maybelline (New York) Hypercurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara, which is sold at Php 150 from the original price of Php 199. I heard and read a lot of good things about this mascara because it’s cheap and it does its job very well. On the back of the packaging, it says:
“Get that fresh, natural look everyday! Hypercurl Mascara makes your eyes come alive, with no irritations and smuding.”
The Hypercurl mascara boasts of an “irritation-proof gel formula” that is also “24-hours smudgeproof.”

The container looks simple but very classy with a combination of black and pink. It makes you think of Hello Kitty in a way. The container is made of plastic, though I’m not sure about its durability because I don’t bring it with me when travelling. The wand has a unique style, it is curved and with short bristles. My friend told me that wands with short and thick bristles will provide more volume and make your lashes look thicker. In my experience, I don’t know how to use the curved wand, although they say that it would emphasize or give an extra curl to your eyelashes, hence it called Hypercurl Mascara. It just use the side that would suit me and lessen the chances of poking my eyes, especially when I’m using my left hand to apply the mascara on my eye.

Technicalities aside, let’s talk about the formulation and the results of the Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara.

Waterproof. Yes, I have to attest to the smudgeproof(ness) and longevity of this product. It dries fast and it really maintains the curl of my lashes for hours. Even if I accidentally rub my eyes (because I wear glasses and sometimes foreign objects get stuck to my lashes or on the lens of my glasses), it does not come off, does not transfer to my hands, or even smudge around my eyes. I tried wearing it for 6 hours straight and it did not smudge. One of my biggest problems before was I could not put mascara on my bottom lashes because when I yawn, my eyes tear up, and all of a sudden I become a racoon. The mascara would be dripping below my eyes, especially around the outer corners of my eyes. When I tested the Hypercurl mascara, I tried crying and even dabbed below my eyes (like a celebrity) to see if the product would smudge or come off. Amazingly, it did not. Which made me realize that a waterproof mascara is nice to wear, but not when you need to remove your makeup. In my experience, facial wipes or those makeup remover wipes are not enough to take off the product. It does not even break down the mascara. What I usually do is put baby oil on a cotton ball, press it for a few seconds on my lashes and gently swipe it upwards.

Hypercurl. I have stick straight lashes that are difficult to curl. With my previous mascaras, my eyelashes would return to being straight after an hour after applying mascara. However, the Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara is true to its word. It maintained the curl of my eyelashes for 6 hours. Even if I touch it or it’s windy outside, the curl remains as is. Although sometimes my lashes droop down a little compared to when I applied it, it does not return to being striaght. The curl is still there.

IMG_5269 modified
The Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara wand. The wand is curved, which adds to the curl of the eyelashes. The photo is mine.


Volume. Aside from the curl, this mascara also makes my eyelashes look thicker. Most of the time I don’t have to tightline on my upper lash line anymore because the Hypercurl mascara does the trick for me. It gives a good definition to my eyes and it does open up my eyes.

Irritation. Even when I first tried it, this mascara did not cause any irritation, allergy, or uncomfortable feeling to my eyes. However, when I put on two coats, I can feel that it makes my lashes a little bit heavier. My eyes can feel the weight of my lashes. It does not affect my sight though nor makes my eyes droopy, but for some it might be uncomfortable.

Formulation. The Hypercurl mascara is of course black, but the color is very natural. Compared to the Maybelline Classic mascara which has a very black color, the Hypercurl mascara is perfect for everyday use. It only emphasizes your lashes and makes your eyes well-defined. One coat is enough for me, adding another coat makes a big difference to my lashes. The mascara is light, dries fast, and seldom clumps.

Smell. Yes, I have to note this. I personally don’t like the smell, because for me it smells like plastic. The odor goes away after application, but if you have a strong sense of smell you should consider twice about buying this product. Every time I apply it, it really makes me feel that I’m applying some kind of melted plastic on my eyes. Eeeewww.

Now, let’s go to the L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation. I bought the shade G2 or Gold Porcelain. From the original price of Php 800, this was reduced to Php 600, and when I bought it the price was again reduced to Php 480. I was surprised how big the price decrease was, but then I bought it to know why it was on sale. This version, I think, is the new packaging. It contains 30mL of the product. This foundation is more suited to Asian skin, according to the sales lady I talked to. It says on the bottle that the L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation has shade micro-precision , finish micro-perfection, and texture micro-homogenity.

IMG_5279 modified
L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation in the shade G2 or Gold Porcelain. The photo is mine. 

Shade micro-precision: “5 matching pigments conditioned to the color of structure of Asian skin tone.”

Finish micro-precision: “Ultra-fine pigments refine and smooth skin inch by inch.”

Texture micro-homogenity: “Ultra-gliding texture infused with oil, cocoons skin with sublime comfort.”

Coverage. I tried the L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation several times before I was able to discover how to evenly spread it on my skin. Yes, in my experience, this product is hard to blend even if the formula is runny. If thoroughly blended on the face, it gives a light coverage. It evens out the skin tone, however if you have acne marks or discoloration, one layer is not enough. I have to applaud this foundation, and also the sales lady, because it does match my face’s skin tone and even my neck’s. In my experience, this liquid foundation does not oxidize on my skin, so the color does not change anytime after application. Without primer, my pores are visible. If you want to use this product or you are already using it, I recommend waiting for it to dry before applying any powder. In my experience, this foundation can get cakey if combined with powder. Although, if my face starts to oil up, it settles and actually hides my pores. It’s weird.

IMG_5280 modified
L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation in the shade G2 or Gold Porcelain. The photo is mine.

Formulation. The foundation is runny or more on the watery side. However, I find it hard to apply evenly on my skin. I do not use a brush nor my fingers to apply it, I use a damp sponge because it spreads the liquid foundation better. Another note about the L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation is that it can cause drying of the skin. It is not matte either. What I usually do is to keep the primer on the oily areas of my skin like my forehead, nose, and chin. Then I apply generous amounts of moisturizer to the rest of my face, especially on my cheeks. I also noticed that the L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation has small glitters or I don’t know what they’re called. They are not obvious except when up-close and it does not have any effect in photos even with flash. The foundation is not sticky when applied, but it does give a dewy look (or maybe this is the side effect of the moisturizer).

IMG_5281 modified
L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation in the shade G2 or Gold Porcelain. The consistency is runny, but may look thick or cakey when applied on the skin. The photo is mine.

Longevity. One important note, the L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation transfers if not set with powder. If you want to keep this foundation on your face for a longer time, I also suggest you use a face primer. I don’t know why this foundation is expensive, but it comes off easily. This is in my case, however. It does not even control the oiliness of my nose and forehead. Around three hours after application, discoloration, blemishes, and dry patches of the skin appears.

For me, the L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation is great for a short period of time only, not for all-day or all-night activities. The greatest thing about this foundation is that it matches the tone of my face and neck. It also makes my face look flawless when combined with primer and concealer. However, it cannot stand alone. You need other products to bring out the benefits of the L’oréal (Paris) True Match Liquid Foundation. Would I buy it again? The answer is definitely no. Unless maybe they’re going to improve it that’s why they are putting it up on sale.

IMG_5270 modified
Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow. Php 150. The photo is mine.

Lastly, I bought the famous Nichido Final Powder which is sold at Php 150. I have been reading reviews and watching tutorials and I always encounter final powders, translucent powders, and loose powders. I don’t use any before, instead I use pressed powders to set my foundation. However, a lot of people recommend this Nichido Final Powder so I decided to try it too. I bought the shade Creamy Glow.

It states on the packaging that the Nichido Final Powder: Picture perfect-skin in any light, highlights you with soft sheer, flawless effect that keeps natural glow, with this final touch, it evens skintone and disguising imperfection.

This product comes in one container size with 25g of Nichido Final Powder. Worth noting is that this product contains mica, methylparaben, and propylparaben, so for those who are health conscious and afraid of parabens, this product might not be for you. I have tried this product and although it contains mica, it does not have give a white cast in flash photography.

IMG_5273 modified
Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow. Photo is mine.

Coverage. Obviously, none. It does not lighten nor darken my skin. So even if I put generous amounts on my forehead and nose, it does not make it lighter than the rest of my face. I don’t spread it, I only buff it on my skin using a large powder brush.

Longevity. The Nichido Final Powder helps control the production of oil on my t-zone, however it only increases the control time and not totally prevent the oiliness. Since I do my makeup late in the afternoon and wear it until late at night, this review might not say everything about this product. It might have a different effect if worn during the day when it’s warmer. In my case, my t-zone would start oiling up three hours after application. However, the oil is still minimal. I would blot my t-zone after four hours or so when the oil becomes more visible and proliferate.

IMG_5274 modified
Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow. The photo is mine.

The Nichido Final Powder does not any effect in photos. For me, it only helps set the foundation and control oiliness. What I usually do is after aplying foundation, I buff pressed powder on my skin. I use the Maybelline Clear Smooth Original Pressed Powder in the shade 02 or Nude Beige. Then I top it off with the Nichido Final Powder. In my case, my t-zone would oil up after four or five hours without any touch-ups. However, I have not tried this in hot weather, i.e. summer.

That’s all, I think. Anyway, as a reminder, before buying any makeup product always READ reviews and TRY the tester. Reviews are great because makeup depends on certain circumstances, they are great on some people and for others they are crappy. Also, some makeup products may contain substances that may not be good for your skin or may cause allergies so always test the product before buying it.

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