Random Words My Thoughts Formed: Message to Bullies

I’ll get up one day
To show you what your words meant
That nothing you say
Would make me lesser than you

Ugly, pretty face
Weak, big baby
Stupid, four-eyes
Tell me more my friend
Saying these won’t make
You better than who I am

You get your pleasure
From my pain
But just because I cry
Doesn’t make you higher
Nor victorious

All along, you were weaker
Afraid to be called
By the names you made

Skinny, fat boy
Black, freckle face
Chicken, wanna-be
Laugh your hardest now
If it makes you feel happy
Then I’ll let you

I won’t hate you
Even with all these stabs
I got
You already have enough
Hatred kept inside you

But one day
When I get to finally stand
I’ll look over
To where you are
And show you

Ugly, weak, stupid,
Skinny, black, chicken
Are all people
You once hated
But didn’t hurt a bit

If it’s about hatred
and hurting
You want to hide from
Who else could listen
Other than the people
Who’d been your victims

We could all be here
Lend our ears
And share something
You never had
Love is never short
If you lose your hatred

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