Month: February 2015

Random Words My Thoughts Formed: Message to Bullies

I’ll get up one day
To show you what your words meant
That nothing you say
Would make me lesser than you

Ugly, pretty face
Weak, big baby
Stupid, four-eyes
Tell me more my friend
Saying these won’t make
You better than who I am

You get your pleasure
From my pain
But just because I cry
Doesn’t make you higher
Nor victorious

All along, you were weaker
Afraid to be called
By the names you made

Skinny, fat boy
Black, freckle face
Chicken, wanna-be
Laugh your hardest now
If it makes you feel happy
Then I’ll let you

I won’t hate you
Even with all these stabs
I got
You already have enough
Hatred kept inside you

But one day
When I get to finally stand
I’ll look over
To where you are
And show you

Ugly, weak, stupid,
Skinny, black, chicken
Are all people
You once hated
But didn’t hurt a bit

If it’s about hatred
and hurting
You want to hide from
Who else could listen
Other than the people
Who’d been your victims

We could all be here
Lend our ears
And share something
You never had
Love is never short
If you lose your hatred

Rows on My Bookshelf: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Hey there guys! Last year I was extremely lazy and forgot about my blog site. So this year, I plan to change myself and be active in writing again. I realized this after the long vacation I just had. With my Christmas money I went around town buying books and reading them immediately so that I can buy another batch again. After reading every book, I get my notebook and write some notes and phrases that struck me. With that, I’m back to writing and sharing again.

To start with, I plan to share my collection of books which I’m extremely proud of. I will post an article for each book, together with my thoughts and all the feels I accumulated. This will be the first one, featuring the book I love the most. Please keep on reading and enjoy!

Nazi. Hitler. Holocaust. Mass Killings.
I believe we are all aware of these horrible topics. These were the times when we question the existence of good and mercy. We don’t only pity the victims, but ourselves as well because we weren’t able to do anything.

Last year, on August 18, 2014, I went to SM Baguio Booksale. It was the day after the 3-Day Sale they just had, and I know that some of the books during the sale were still there. There were a lot people, and I had to squeeze myself to reach the Children’s section. I stared at the overwhelming display of books, deciding where to start first. Then a book caught my eye immediately.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne.

OMG. I reached and took the book silently, even if I was rejoicing and super happy inside. Well I didn’t want to attract attention with all the people inside the shop. That would only make me silly.

I have been looking for this book ever since I watched the film. The movie adaptation of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was the second movie that made me cry, the first one was Disney’s Up. Even though the book was a bit expensive, I went to the counter and bought it with the last of my allowance . It was worth it. And to think that I already have the book!

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a must read book, very touching and inspirational. It’s something that everyone should read, not only to know what happened in the past. But also to end all racial divides. For us to respect one another, whatever skin color, race, nationality, language, and religion.

The story was all about a fence. And two boys seated opposite each other with the fence in between them. Bruno was just a boy, but he has a story so powerful and meaningful. It happened a long time ago. But until today, Bruno’s story still happens everyday.

It’s time to bring down the fence that separates us from one another. Read the book and be inspired.

Random Words My Thoughts Formed: Lights

Turn on the lights
I’m listening to the radio
Light up the night
One more day with you

One beat up
To the day we met
This love can’t stop
The rhythm of the night

Left step to a beat
You turn away from me
Burning up the heat
‘Coz today I’m free

Turn on the lights
We celebrate tonight
Mixing shades of white
I watch the world ignite

Justice for 44

We all fall. At some moments in our life, we fall down from the normal path of our life. We find ourselves in sorrow, grief, disappointment, and anger. But falling down also means getting up to where we were originally standing. However, for some people they cannot get up after a downfall.

Fallen soldiers. It’s not a new phrase anymore. It’s not also a cliche, because the more it’s used the more it becomes painful to hear. We will all die, at a time nobody knows. Some people get the maximum opportunity to enjoy and cherish life with their loved ones before they pass away. While others meet an unexpected death, leaving everyone in shock and sorrow. Fallen in the phrase “fallen soldiers” refers to the moment a soldier falls to the ground. How a bullet from the enemy hits his heart, and from the impact the soldier falls backward. Whenever he’s thinking of the pain or the picture of his family in his wallet, the soldier remains on the ground. He has fallen, a softer term for death.

Forty-four soldiers return home to their families this day. From where they have fallen, they travel riding an airplane. Upon arrival, they are greeted by officials, comrades, family, and friends. They are dubbed as heroes of the nation. As they come down, there are no cheers, no claps, no victory sounds that usually accompany a hero’s welcome celebration. Instead, there are salutes, tears, and prayers. Instead of a celebration, the nation falls silent in observance of the national day of mourning.

At the end of the day, the military band plays the Taps. It signals the end of the day. It also salutes and signals the end of the journey of forty-four soldiers as their legacy are engraved into history.

The tragedy that involved 44 PNP-SAF (Philippine National Police-Special Action Forces) happened some days ago. But until this moment, the memory still lingers in the air. Media coverage was extensive, so many angles, views, opinions, and investigations kept popping. People were blaming government officials and government officials kept passing the supposed “responsibility” to each other. There were no solid facts, only that 44 soldiers died while hunting one foreign terrorist.

A lot of people have already shared their sentiments on social media. Some were one-sided, blaming everyone for everything. Some were not sure what to think of, but they share their grief with the 44 fallen soldiers.