Month: October 2014

Random Thoughts My Thoughts Formed: Lights

Turn on the lights
I’m listening to the radio
Light up the night
One more day with you

One beat up
To the day we met
This love can’t stop
The rhythm of the night

Left step to a beat
You turn away from me
Burning up the heat
Coz today I’m free

Turn on the lights
We celebrate tonight
Mixhing shades of white
We watch the world ignite

Random Words My Thoughts Formed: You

Then there was you
All I can hear is your voice
The sweetest sound when you call my name

Then there was you
All I can see is light
From the darkness where you found me

Then there was you
All I know is happiness
That you’ve brought into my life

Then there was you
All I hope for is forever
You’re in my arms I won’t let you go

Then there was you
All I can sing is this memory
Of everyday with you

Random Words My Thoughts Formed: A Part of You

I have a story to tell

A sequence of bitter pasts

Of verses that bleed

And words that claim hate


For every you

Adds a tale to my heart

Hurting and Beating

Feels the same way to me

Of all the wrongs and the pain

I have a story to tell

These daggers inside me

Take them all from me

I call for rain and grace

Save me from these deeds

Give me a day

To end my story well

Hey guys! I’m back. This time I’m going to regularly post my literary works. Haha.