RE:ALISTAIR++|My Latest Addiction

I am definitely into sim games/novel games/point-and-click game. Yep, I love playing the protagonist and doing witty stuff to my character. Plus, I also enjoy the thrill and suspense of every adventure, then starting the game again to discover another ending.

My first sim adventure game was Fatal Hearts, until now it’s installed in my laptop. Last month, I think, I was again on the hunt to find a new addicting game. And I found RE:ALISTAIR++. I thought this was another boring game, but I proceeded to download it. I was not into video and online games, so I found the Introduction Part not amusing. But, as I went further into the game, I got addicted.


Anyway, in this game you will play as Merui (her real name) or RuiOfTheSword (her online screen name). She plays online video games, and in this story she was fighting with a monster for a Blessed Stone. Alistair, the antagonist and the mysterious person who is your goal in the game, is with her. Then, at the last moment, Alistair struck the monster to death. Therefore, all the efforts of Merui is wasted because the Blessed Stone is awarded to Alistair.


Anyway, to find out the rest of the story you should download the game. It’s free anyway.



Merui. A loud, funny, and addicted to online games girl. You will have to do activities (at home, every end of the day) to raise her Intelligence, Social Reputatuion, and Network Reputaion. To raise Intelligence then choose Study. For Social Reputation then Watch TV, while Network Reputation means Surfing the Internet.

These stats will help you get a certain boy, plus you can get to unlock endings.



Travis. Among the three male characters, he is for me the best. Haha. Anyway, he is a geek and President of the Computer Club. He’s always in the Computer Lab. If you want to get him, then always spend time in the Computer Lab. You should also have a stat of 36 Intelligence, 17 Social Reputation, and 57 Network Reputation. Is he Alistair or not?


Shiro. He’s cute, mysterious, and moody. Download and play the game to know more about him. To enable the bonus ending, get 51 Intelligence, 17 Social Reputation, and 36 Network Reputation. So, is Shiro Alistair?


Derek. He’s the popular boy in school, except he doesn’t excel in his studies. For Derek, raise your stats to 17 Intelligence, 51 Social Reputation, and 36 Network Reputation. Will you found out if he is Alistair?







If you visit the mall, you can access three stores. Buying a specific item will have an effect to the affection of each boy. To earn money, you can volunteer to work in school after classes. Your salary is $12 per day.

So, download RE:ALISTAIR++ today and enjoy!




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