When you cry at night

And tears fall on your pillow

Do you feel the night embrace

Or rather darkness engulf you?


When you stare at the rain

Under the dark gray sky

Does it wash away your sorrow

Or it takes you away to misery?


When the sun is in the highest

It’s heat batter your skin

Do you see a heat of joy?

Or does it burn a hope?


When you laugh aloud

Talking and listening to jokes

Do you feel the happiness?

Or just mask the pain inside?


When you share your life

With friends and strangers

Do you feel their comfort?

Or do you still feel alone?


When you fear the worst

That everything seems to fall apart

Remember in your dire times

A voice will come to tell you…


I wrote this 4 years ago. It was supposed to be an entry for a writing competition. But I kept on revising it, because I thought it wasn’t good enough. I never submitted it. So now, I’ll just post it. I hope that it reaches a lot of people, I think it’s better than winning a competition.

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