Review: Careline Eyeshadow and Blusher Palette

Along with the Ever Bilena Advance Shine Free Makeup Foundation, I bought this set when I was starting to try makeup. I remember I bought this for a mock job interview for a Speech Communication class and our teacher was very meticulous on how we will present ourselves. So all of us had to really prepare for it, which also includes wearing makeup (for the girls). So I went to Watsons and headed directly to the first booth, which was Ever Bilena, and bought whatever was cheap.

DSC09845 modified modified
Careline Eyeshadow and Blusher Palette. I had to blur the image on the mirror, sorry. The photo is mine.


Careline Eyeshadow and Blusher




Includes a mirror.

Two blush shades: Red and Baby Pink

8 eyeshadow shades: Icy Blue, Dark (Almost Navy) Blue, Black, Red, Neutral, Light Brown, Matte Brown, Shiny Brown

A double-end small brush with sponge-tip applicator

What I love about it:

The product doesn’t come off easily. For a cheap makeup set, it really has good quality. The eye shadow stays on the eyelid for hours, and it doesn’t melt even on mild hot days.

I like the colors. They are perfect for school, work, or everyday makeup, and you can also use it for special occasions. They are suited for beginners who are starting to experiment with simple looks.

Travel ready. It fits into my pouch, and because it has 8 eye shadows and 2 blush colors I don’t need to bring other necessary kits anymore.

What I dislike:

You need a good brush to get an enough amount of eye shadow. Otherwise, you have to repeatedly apply the product to get the precise color on your lid.

The brush included in the kit is useless, or I mean I don’t recommend it for you to use. I really can’t work with small brushes, and I have a problem with the quality of the brush.

Most of the eye shadows are matte, so if you want to add depth or highlighter you need a different set.

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