Bitter, not Better

Have you tried walking alone, enjoying the refreshing walk and the wonderful little things around, when suddenly a couple appears out of nowhere in front of you? What’s worse is they’re holding hands tightly and doing sweet flicks as if they’re not in public? Plus, you’re an FA (Forever Alone) or NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth)?

Well, we all have a knack for love and it’s injustice. We’re all intrigued how some people find and have love, while other never had a chance. Does love used random sampling? And by random sampling, the same people are always picked?

Some people never run out of “special someones.” While for unfortunate some, they never even get to talk to their crush. Some people play with their partners and take them for granted. While for some who have been hurt or waiting, they know the meaning of trust, love, and care but never given the chance to apply them.

It’s all about waiting and the right time, they say. For us who have been waiting for years, I’m sure there’s something big being reserved for us. Something that maybe, we’ll treasure for a lifetime already. Anyways, love doesn’t always have to be “the opposite sex.” Love sometimes come in unknown packages. What will be yours?

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