Weight Training

I’ve always been conscious of my body and my personal appearance. As much as possible, I want to look presentable, respectable, and physically fit. I am a sports-loving and active person therefore I have to have that healthy and strong body always so that I could engage in all the sports I play. However, last year, I became lazy and concentrated too much on my academics. I have this tendency to eat a lot – mostly sweets and bread – when I get stressed or pressured by a requirement. From 50 kilograms, I bloated up to 54 kilos. My belly also bulged, a very displeasing sight for my body.

So as the year started, I took up all my motivations and energy to start exercising again – jogging and weight training. I usually jog for 5 minutes, just to warm up my body before doing any strenuous exercises. A lot of people tell me that when you want to lose weight faster, jogging should be up to 20 mins. or more. However, I have large muscled legs and I don’t want more muscles in my legs so I have to stick to 5-minute jogging. After jogging, I do my routine of 10-counts stretching. Stretching must start from the head to the toe. I start with arm stretching, extending my arms until I feel the pressure on my arms. I do it up, left, right, down, and to the back. Then biceps stretch followed by arm lock. After stretching the parts of my torso, I proceed to the back of the thighs, the hamstring muscle, legs, and ankles. To end my stretching, I usually do 10 jumping jacks then I cool down by breathing slowly.  

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