Feb. 8,2012-Early this morning I received a text message from a groupmate telling me that I should change my condescending or snobbish attitude.

The whole day I was in a very bad mood because of this message that my group mate told me. In the first place, I have been like this for how many years and I have dealt, socialize, mingled, befriended, etc. with a lot of people with this kind of attitude. Yes, I am snobbish, a little bit of perfectionist, competitive, and I reprimand other people when they don’t meet my expectations. I am the director of our production team. I hold a very great responsibility in handling our group and our outputs. So of course, for my sake, their sake, and our sake, I am very strict and critical in setting meetings and doing productions. They expect me to do my work efficiently and I compromise to that. However, if I do my best in fulfilling my part, they should too. All I’m asking from them is to comply to what I say.

It’s unfair if you take all the blame when there is a mistake. Yet when your work is successful, everyone basks in glory, even if it was all your effort. You try to deal with different people everyday with different kinds of attitudes. To try to squeeze out ideas from your groupmates so that you could come up with an idea. To be patient all the time because some of your groupmates cannot immediately understand or they are very passive. To be considerate to people who are always late in meetings or reaching deadlines. To be alert, attentive, and aware of each person in the group even if others are not participating. To be kind and again patient to people who are always bugging you even if you have told them for the 100th time. Yet with all these things you do, the adjustments, the sacrifices, the disappointments, the worries, the concern, and the stress you handle, some people couldn’t really care nor understand.

They don’t even do anything to understand your situation. All they care of is themselves. As long as they share the credit you’ve shed your sweat on. They are too insensitive to care. In spite of all the things you did, they keep on criticising you.

I tried to talk with him, however he refused to. He couldn’t even face me.

I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away. Later that afternoon, I went to church. I thanked God for all the people who I met these past years. For the people who are with me now. For the people who accepted who I am. And most of all, I thanked God for who I am. Haters and critics are there to pull you down, and you must remain strong no matter what. This is my life, not theirs. Instead of bothering other people’s lives, why don’t they start planning how to make their lives good.  

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