Destiny is in your hands, you hold your future, you mold your tomorrow, you grasp your dreams, and you reach your goals. Everything is unpredictable and is always based on you, your mind, decisions, and actions. However, I’ve always been fascinated by horoscope. I check the horoscope part in newspapers and I visit the horoscope page of Yahoo!. I loved really the prophecies of what would happen in my life, on aspects of love, money, career, emotions, etc. Of course I would be delighted if it is a positive prediction, or be curious on mysterious or unsure foresights, and be disappointed with predictions that suggest failure or will-not-happen goals.

I usually do not follow or believe in horoscopes. I just love reading them and being amazed on what they contain. I use them mostly to amuse myself, set the mood of the day, or to appease myself when I’m disturbed about something. I like most especially the forecasts about finances and love. I am not thrifty, so I always expect the day when my horoscope will tell me that I would be more conscious on my money or I will receive a lot of money. I am also unlucky in my love life, so I am urging my horoscope to tell me when the cosmic planets would align or the gods will be in my favor and grant me a prince in shining armor.  

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