Month: February 2013


Feb. 8,2012-Early this morning I received a text message from a groupmate telling me that I should change my condescending or snobbish attitude.

The whole day I was in a very bad mood because of this message that my group mate told me. In the first place, I have been like this for how many years and I have dealt, socialize, mingled, befriended, etc. with a lot of people with this kind of attitude. Yes, I am snobbish, a little bit of perfectionist, competitive, and I reprimand other people when they don’t meet my expectations. I am the director of our production team. I hold a very great responsibility in handling our group and our outputs. So of course, for my sake, their sake, and our sake, I am very strict and critical in setting meetings and doing productions. They expect me to do my work efficiently and I compromise to that. However, if I do my best in fulfilling my part, they should too. All I’m asking from them is to comply to what I say.

It’s unfair if you take all the blame when there is a mistake. Yet when your work is successful, everyone basks in glory, even if it was all your effort. You try to deal with different people everyday with different kinds of attitudes. To try to squeeze out ideas from your groupmates so that you could come up with an idea. To be patient all the time because some of your groupmates cannot immediately understand or they are very passive. To be considerate to people who are always late in meetings or reaching deadlines. To be alert, attentive, and aware of each person in the group even if others are not participating. To be kind and again patient to people who are always bugging you even if you have told them for the 100th time. Yet with all these things you do, the adjustments, the sacrifices, the disappointments, the worries, the concern, and the stress you handle, some people couldn’t really care nor understand.

They don’t even do anything to understand your situation. All they care of is themselves. As long as they share the credit you’ve shed your sweat on. They are too insensitive to care. In spite of all the things you did, they keep on criticising you.

I tried to talk with him, however he refused to. He couldn’t even face me.

I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away. Later that afternoon, I went to church. I thanked God for all the people who I met these past years. For the people who are with me now. For the people who accepted who I am. And most of all, I thanked God for who I am. Haters and critics are there to pull you down, and you must remain strong no matter what. This is my life, not theirs. Instead of bothering other people’s lives, why don’t they start planning how to make their lives good.  

Weight Training

I’ve always been conscious of my body and my personal appearance. As much as possible, I want to look presentable, respectable, and physically fit. I am a sports-loving and active person therefore I have to have that healthy and strong body always so that I could engage in all the sports I play. However, last year, I became lazy and concentrated too much on my academics. I have this tendency to eat a lot – mostly sweets and bread – when I get stressed or pressured by a requirement. From 50 kilograms, I bloated up to 54 kilos. My belly also bulged, a very displeasing sight for my body.

So as the year started, I took up all my motivations and energy to start exercising again – jogging and weight training. I usually jog for 5 minutes, just to warm up my body before doing any strenuous exercises. A lot of people tell me that when you want to lose weight faster, jogging should be up to 20 mins. or more. However, I have large muscled legs and I don’t want more muscles in my legs so I have to stick to 5-minute jogging. After jogging, I do my routine of 10-counts stretching. Stretching must start from the head to the toe. I start with arm stretching, extending my arms until I feel the pressure on my arms. I do it up, left, right, down, and to the back. Then biceps stretch followed by arm lock. After stretching the parts of my torso, I proceed to the back of the thighs, the hamstring muscle, legs, and ankles. To end my stretching, I usually do 10 jumping jacks then I cool down by breathing slowly. News

Recently, Michelle announced the launch of If you take photographs, record music and video, illustrate and paint, or design things, you can build a portfolio here on, using one of our portfolio themes.

I was curious to see how painters use as an ultimate canvas to compile and display their masterpieces. If you’re a painter looking for ways to build your online portfolio, find inspiration from these artists:

Fatima Ronquillo

Born in the Philippines and now living in New Mexico, self-taught painter Fatima Ronquillo paints classically inspired portraits. Yet her body of work also evokes magical realism — it’s playful and even eerie. Fatima’s gallery of paintings covers seven years (click on “Works” in the menu to browse back to 2007), so take the time to browse her collection. She uses Portfolio, a premium theme in our Theme Showcase.

Under the “Representation” tab, she’s created pages for…

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Les Miserables 2013

Last January 27, I watched Les Miserables at the SM Baguio Cinema together with my high school friends. It was Krysha’s birthday and she treated us to a lunch at Don Henrico’s then to a movie at the Cinema. I heard about the Les Miserables movie from a friend, and I was shocked when she relayed to me some of the cast in the movie. Hugh Jackman was the first surprise, since I didn’t know he was good at singing. I also didn’t expect Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried to be at the same movie, though I was aware that they both sing.

From the start of the movie, I was already amazed by the animation when the prisoners were pulling a ship amidst the tide. I also admired Russel Crowe – his voice, his acting, and the way he portrayed his character on the movie. His voice was very perfect for his role, and I had shivers every time he was singing. Though I was disappointed when he took suicide. Anne Hathaway was also remarkable, as always. She did very good in the movie, though I’m not sure if being-a-mother role suited her. For me, she looks too young. But I was taken away when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream”. I later read on that she had multiple takes on that just to get the perfect emotion. For Hugh Jackman, I wasn’t very satisfied though I’m not also disappointed. His acting was normal, for me. As for Amanda Seyfried, I couldn’t give eny reaction because she didn’t do anything ‘big’ in the movie. Samantha Barks, on the other hand, was amazing. She fitted the role, and her songs were full of emotions. I liked her take on “On My Own” and “A Little Fall of Rain”. The movie is great, though I wanted more. Two hours wasn’t enough, but it was a great movie for the world to watch. Although it happened years ago, it reflects present-day situations and problems.Image


Destiny is in your hands, you hold your future, you mold your tomorrow, you grasp your dreams, and you reach your goals. Everything is unpredictable and is always based on you, your mind, decisions, and actions. However, I’ve always been fascinated by horoscope. I check the horoscope part in newspapers and I visit the horoscope page of Yahoo!. I loved really the prophecies of what would happen in my life, on aspects of love, money, career, emotions, etc. Of course I would be delighted if it is a positive prediction, or be curious on mysterious or unsure foresights, and be disappointed with predictions that suggest failure or will-not-happen goals.

I usually do not follow or believe in horoscopes. I just love reading them and being amazed on what they contain. I use them mostly to amuse myself, set the mood of the day, or to appease myself when I’m disturbed about something. I like most especially the forecasts about finances and love. I am not thrifty, so I always expect the day when my horoscope will tell me that I would be more conscious on my money or I will receive a lot of money. I am also unlucky in my love life, so I am urging my horoscope to tell me when the cosmic planets would align or the gods will be in my favor and grant me a prince in shining armor.